Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Personal Challenge

Do you ever find there are times in your life when things need to change?  I'm not talking about when crazy crap keeps happening that is out of your control.  What I am talking about is when you look around and say to yourself, "I need a change before I go postal on everyone." I find my self in that spot right now.

You would think moving would be enough of a change for me, but it acted more like a catalyst.  One big change has me jonesing for another big change, which is why I go the bright idea to start a blog.  It may not have been the greatest idea ever, but then again I may look back at this and think I was brilliant.

Anywho, the point of this ramble is to say, I need a new challenge.  While thinking about it over the last couple of weeks, I decided to go with a photo a day challenge.  I have this fancy schmancy DSLR camera that I never use because I have no idea what I am doing, so I figured this would be a good way for me to learn.

I don't promise good pictures, but there will be something to look at.  That being said, I am pushing myself over the metaphorical ledge by posting a picture I just took using my phone.  I used the photo editing app that came with the phone to jazz it up a bit, but there is not much you can do for a cube in corporate America.

Toodle Loo Kangaroo!

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